A cherished family Christmas story


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A new children’s classic from Tate Publishing

Released Christmas 2006











Author David McMath is an entrepreneur who is drawn to creative expressions in both his business and personal life.  He is a “team coach and head cheerleader” – volunteering his time coaching small businesses and independent schools.


David is a gifted speaker for corporate events on leadership, innovation and creativity who is passionate about  inspiring others to follow their dream.



The Happiest Christmas Tree is a heartwarming children’s tale about a small tree who comes to understand the meaning of family, giving, and Christmas.



From Small to Standing Tall


Timmy is the smallest tree in the grove.  Always picked on and laughed at, his fortunes change when one day a family comes to pick out a Christmas Tree and choose him. 


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Title:                The Happiest Christmas Tree

Author:            David D. McMath

Published:       October 2006

Publisher:        Tate Publishing & Enterprises

ISBN:              1598868403, paperback

Language:       English

Category:        Childrens. All ages


A charming tale you will want to make part of your Christmas season every year.  It is a delightful story that is beautifully illustrated and filled with warmth and fun about a special Christmas tree and the family that loves it.


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